Bit of a personal post regarding university students right now

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas, Happy new year! Even if it doesn't feel correct to be saying that with our current situation Right now I am reading for university work and not for pleasure. Reading, Destroying The Worl To Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, apocalyptic violence and the new global terrorism by Robert Jay … Continue reading Bit of a personal post regarding university students right now


Hello,   Yes a King book, it's been a while I know! Summary: "Although Scott Carey doesn’t look any different, he’s been steadily losing weight. There are a couple of other odd things, too. He weighs the same in his clothes and out of them, no matter how heavy they are. Scott doesn’t want to … Continue reading ELEVATION #16


Hello,   Yet again another medical memoir, this time by an A&E doctor. Summary: "Dr Nick Edwards is an Accident and Emergency (A&E) doctor working in the UK and a passionate believer in the NHS. However the reforms, political correctness and the Anglo-Saxon culture of binge drinking and fighting and the resulting A&E visits are … Continue reading IN STITCHES #14


Hello,   I'm back with another memoir, another medical one! Summary: "For over a decade, Stephanie Green was a doctor on-call for one of the world's busiest airports, confronting dramatic, bizarre and sometimes heart-breaking situations. During her 24-hour shifts at Heathrow, Dr Green had to be ready for anything: from finding an abandoned suitcase leaking … Continue reading FLIGHT RISK #13